If u love your pet, they will too… hands down, the best option. Worth it!

AMAZING!!!! They seriously treat your dogs as if they are their own. So happy we found this place.

I LOVE taking my dog here just as much as he loves going! Every time I drop Bear off, he is visibly excited to see the staff and be at the facility. I can tell that he has a great time, and I truly feel that he is well-cared for. Also, Duffy’s is very clean in comparison to some other doggie daycares I’ve been to!

We’ve used Duffy’s for boarding and a few times for daycare to help socialize our puppy. He absolutely LOVES it at Duffy’s!

Duffy’s changed our lives by helping us get our puppy an energy outlet and even some awesome training. Can’t thank them enough. The staff is great, they are all very welcoming and kind to our entire family.

Awesome place to have our dog board and play. Very friendly and professional. Our dog loves it there and can’t wait to get back!

My dog loved this place. The people were very friendly to me and to my dog. The group play sessions wore him out, but not many things do. We boarded him for 3 days and he seemed to have a good experience.

I’ve taken my pet to a boarder prior to Duffy’s. He came home with ticks and was sick for a week. I’ve not EVER had a bad experience with my pet post boarding since using Duffy’s. The price is affordable, the staff is nice, IT’S CLEAN, and I feel very comfortable leaving my pet when I’m unable to take him with me.

Boarded our lab pup here while on vacation very nice facility. Currently here for training, I was completely shocked at the training results she had in 1 week. Patrick walked us thru training and what to reinforce. I can’t wait to see here once training is complete. Would highly suggest.

The dog training program is so great! Patrick was very nice to work with and our dog was excited every time he had a class. We started the classes a week after adopting our new dog and it was the best decision we could have made because he adjusted to our home so smoothly with training and Patrick’s advice was very helpful.

We were visiting Hershey Park on our way to Boston from Virginia and our 2 small dogs stayed a couple of nights at Duffy’s. This was the best Kennel, by far, they have ever stayed at. Beautiful set up, incredibly clean, and very caring. I’ll find an excuse to bring my dogs here again.

Lulu has been home from her “Board and Train” for 10 days. She is doing great! She is consistently responding to all her commands – sit, down, come, heal, and place! While it was a challenge to be away from our precious pup for 3 weeks, it was worth every moment. Not only did Lulu come back fully trained, but so did her Dad and I. We would highly recommend this training and this facility! Thank you for the outstanding work you did with Lulu.

Thanks Patrick! Just a quick note to say Lucy is unbelievable! We were a bit apprehensive initially, weren’t certain the training would work. But any concerns were completely unfounded. She comes when called, waits by the door until we tell her it’s okay to go out, does her potty immediately instead of taking 15 minutes to find a spot, and today we took her to the park and she walked the entire time off leash! She wasn’t distracted by the other dogs, kids, bicycles, etc. A ton of people stopped to comment how cute and well behaved she is. They couldn’t believe it! She loves her “place” and goes there without even being told. At only 11 months old, she has a purpose, and is calm and happy. Fantastic experience… thanks again!

When we rescued our dog, Buddy, he had an extreme case of aggression to anyone (other than us) who tried to approach him. It was apparent that he was very bright but we just didn’t know what or how to go about rehabilitating him. I had approached several rescues and trainers – all of whom suggested that there were too many good dogs out there with no issues and that euthanasia might be the best and safest answer. Even hearing that, he just had such a sweet, loving side that we just couldn’t give up on him without trying! When I contacted Patrick, he made it very clear that he would be very honest in his evaluation and would not accept him into training unless he was confident that he could help him and us. With that, Patrick worked with Buddy and the results far exceeded our expectations! Not only did he teach him the basic things, he restored him to the loving dog that we knew was hidden inside the aggression! Patrick gave Buddy back his confidence and actually built his self esteem. Buddy is now probably the best and most well behaved dog we have ever owned. Most importantly he is happy; he has a wagging tail, and greets visitors with a big dog smile! I must add that in addition to training Buddy, a huge part of his rehabilitation was in our own understanding of the dog’s needs and the fact that we needed the training as much as Buddy did! Thank you Patrick!

Working with Patrick was such a rewarding experience for me and my dog. I’m not sure which of us learned more! I had been dealing with more than two years of bad behavior from Astro before we sought help, so Patrick not only had to rehabilitate a hard-headed dog but, he also had to teach me how to be Astro’s leader. He counseled me on how to incorporate our training exercises into daily life (you can’t just set aside an hour to “train” and be done with it) and the value of making Astro earn his food and affection. Seeing Astro’s progress each week (heeling off leash, coming when called, holding long sits or downs) was amazing. But nothing was more amazing to me than seeing Astro hang out with other dogs without becoming aggressive toward them… something I never thought could possibly happen! Patrick is dedicated, patient and truly has a gift for dog training. If you are at your wits end with your dog, like I was with mine, there’s still hope!

Nancy & I would like to thank you for all your help! This time last year we were not sure what to do with Cosmo. With your help in teaching us how to better understand a dog’s behavior through training, we have come full circle with the way Cosmo respects us as owners, and the way he responds to high distraction situations. Teaching the five basic commands through the use of an e-collar was a great way for us to communicate with Cosmo, and get to where we wanted to be in training at a much faster rate. While Cosmo was our dog that had the most behavioral problems when we met you, our other dog Daisy seemed as she would benefit from your training also. Putting Daisy through the same e-collar training was one of the best decisions we made. Now both of our dogs respect us as pack leaders, and understand their roles in our family. We look forward to a long relationship with you as a training and behavioral specialist. Thanks again for all your help!

I have had the pleasure of training with and seeing firsthand the compassion and dedication Patrick places on dogs in his care. Any dog owner can be confident in having Patrick train their dogs and know they are getting the benefits of a highly dedicated trainer who seeks to give every dog the best training available.

Working with Patrick Duff has been a great experience, both for me and for Riley, our two-year-old, soft haired, Irish Wheaten Terrier. The best part for me of having worked with his training program is that I am now able to trust Riley to obey. The best part for Riley is a new level of freedom. She no longer needs to live at the end of a leash to be safe. Riley had begun training as a puppy in other programs. But the training did not meet our needs. She would not listen consistently, and consequently I could not trust her. By contrast, she responded quickly and consistently under Pat’s direction. At first skeptical about using a training collar, I became convinced of its safety and effectiveness after a few minutes of talking with Pat. Not only is he very knowledgeable about canine behavior, but more importantly his genuine love of dogs is evident in his every interaction with them. Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit is a facility well designed, modern, and clean. Patrick’s interaction with the dogs several times a day keeps them exercised and happy.

I took my 6 month old puppy here several times before I moved for daycare. He’s been a regular at a few other daycares due to shuffling between two homes while we transitioned locations. Duffy’s was by far his favorite daycare to attend. After his first day there, he was sprinting out of my car toward the front door. When I picked him up at the end of the day, he’d refuse to get into the car and try to go back towards the building (I swear he has a good life at home). He absolutely loved his time here and I’m truly sad we’re moving away from this awesome facility. Not only did Hank enjoy it, but all the staff was friendly and always seemed to enjoy being around the dogs. The outdoor area always appeared to be cared for immaculately. Duffy’s is far off the main road in a secluded area that is perfect for dogs to be dogs and enjoy the outdoors. Their fenced-in play area is always stocked with water and Hank was never excessively thirsty upon arriving home, like he often was after attending other daycares. I cannot recommend Duffy’s enough! I only wish I could’ve brought Hank to them more.

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