Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit is for dog owners looking for resort-style boarding & daycare services with accommodations and personalized activities that far exceed those found in traditional boarding kennels.

At Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit, the entire facility, property, and layout were designed for dogs. Our goal was to build a fun and stress-free environment that dogs and people can enjoy.

When the dogs come to play and learn, they will simply love our outdoor areas. Our canine visitors can romp with wild abandon or enjoy supervised playtime in one of the specially landscaped areas we have or inside our climate-controlled facilities. There is a 15,000 square foot fenced-in grass pasture area. There are open fields where the dogs can run without running out of space. There are wooded areas for trail walking and there is a 4,000 square foot fenced-in artificial grass area. A 6 foot high fence protects dogs inside the artificial turf area so that they can run and play without getting muddy after being bathed, or while waiting to be picked up after their stay.

Using our extensive dog training knowledge and experience utilizing the most successful dog socialization concepts, our Dog Boarding services are tailored to fit the daily schedule that is best for dogs.

Dogs receive two daily dog daycare playgroup sessions that are an hour and a half to two hours each. Understanding that dogs need periods of stimulation, fun, exploration, learning, and relaxation is how we have designed our Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding programs. After exercise and play, each dog gets to enjoy some quiet time to process all of the new things learned and to rejuvenate.

By carefully scheduling training sessions, play times, meal times, and resting time for the dogs in our care, we can help them reach the optimal levels of exercise and rest to keep them happy and healthy.

Our indoor K9 Condos are awesome! Climate-controlled and impeccably clean, these state-of-the-art rooms have your dog’s comfort in mind.

Standard 4’x6’ K9 Condos

Suitable for small to large breed dogs.

Luxury 6'x8' K9 Condos

Suitable for multiple small or large breed dogs.

Our Dog Boarding Includes:

Your choice of Daycare Group Play Time or Individual Play Time catered to your dog's needs.
Group Play Time is 2 times each day for 1.5 to 2 hours with other friendly guests and trained staff in our 4000 square foot artificial grass play area.
Individual Play Time is 2 times each day for at least 15 minutes of any activity that your dog enjoys most! Whether your dog just wants some petting and a lot of TLC, or prefers to play with a fellow dog friend or family member, playing fetch, or enjoying a nature walk on our 11 acre property.
Relaxing time in our clean and climate-controlled indoor K9 Condos, each with a glass door for looking out.
Comfortable premium Kuranda dog beds to rest on.
Catering to your dog’s diet by feeding per the instructions and meals you provide.

Training Programs With Dog Boarding

Incorporating Dog Training with our Dog Boarding services is a “win-win”!

Immerse your healthy dog in a comprehensive training and boarding program that works!

Imagine coming back from your vacation or business trip to be reunited with your dog who is calmer and more well-behaved. This two to three week program includes all of our Dog Boarding K-9 Condo amenities as well as a thorough Dog Training curriculum.

Dogs will learn the basic commands such as: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, and Heel. Dogs will also learn how to walk calmly on and off of a leash. Better still – dogs will have fun enjoying the vast outdoors.

This program includes all of the necessary supplies as well as follow-up lessons planned to your schedule.

Good Dog Goodbye Bath

After a full day of learning and playing at Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit, dogs are bound to be a little dirty. We strive to keep our dog guests as clean as possible, but some dogs will certainly be as active as they can be.

In the event that you prefer to pick up a clean dog because you may have an event or company to entertain, let us know and we can help.

Depending on your dog’s coat, size, and other needs; our dog bathing and grooming services are the answer. A Good Dog Goodbye Bath can be added to your Dog Boarding or Dog Daycare  service.

Resort-style boarding & daycare for your dog.