Glenda R.

When we rescued our dog, Buddy, he had an extreme case of aggression to anyone (other than us) who tried to approach him. It was apparent that he was very bright but we just didn’t know what or how to go about rehabilitating him. I had approached several rescues and trainers – all of whom suggested that there were too many good dogs out there with no issues and that euthanasia might be the best and safest answer. Even hearing that, he just had such a sweet, loving side that we just couldn’t give up on him without trying!

When I contacted Patrick, he made it very clear that he would be very honest in his evaluation and would not accept him into training unless he was confident that he could help him and us. With that, Patrick worked with Buddy and the results far exceeded our expectations! Not only did he teach him the basic things, he restored him to the loving dog that we knew was hidden inside the aggression! Patrick gave Buddy back his confidence and actually built his self esteem.

Buddy is now probably the best and most well behaved dog we have ever owned. Most importantly he is happy; he has a wagging tail, and greets visitors with a big dog smile! I must add that in addition to training Buddy, a huge part of his rehabilitation was in our own understanding of the dog’s needs and the fact that we needed the training as much as Buddy did!

Thank you Patrick!