Patti H.

Working with Patrick was such a rewarding experience for me and my dog. I’m not sure which of us learned more! I had been dealing with more than two years of bad behavior from Astro before we sought help, so Patrick not only had to rehabilitate a hard-headed dog but, he also had to teach me how to be Astro’s leader. He counseled me on how to incorporate our training exercises into daily life (you can’t just set aside an hour to “train” and be done with it) and the value of making Astro earn his food and affection. Seeing Astro’s progress each week (heeling off leash, coming when called, holding long sits or downs) was amazing. But nothing was more amazing to me than seeing Astro hang out with other dogs without becoming aggressive toward them… something I never thought could possibly happen! Patrick is dedicated, patient and truly has a gift for dog training. If you are at your wits end with your dog, like I was with mine, there’s still hope!