What’s the “Duffy’s Difference”?

What’s the “Duffy’s Difference”?

Dog training is both an art and a science. Different approaches work for different dogs and the depth and breadth of the trainer’s knowledge, experience, and skills makes all the difference. No one methodology works for all dogs, but the approach taken to create a balanced and fulfilled dog and owner partnership are the same: mutual respect for one another and fairness. It is all about the relationship and the state of it. It is about the basic principles and not the methodology or tools used.

Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit is proud to offer a tremendous focus on personal attention.

Owner and Training Director, Patrick Duff, (formerly known as “Your Canine Coach”) spent over 16 years in the corporate world as a well educated manufacturing and ASQ (American Society of Quality) Certified Quality Engineer (CQE). He became a certified Six Sigma Black Belt – a ranking that signifies skill in the methods of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. (Six Sigma is a business management strategy originally developed by Motorola in 1986. It is a system aimed at the improvement of quality processes.)

Patrick’s years of experience in business leadership roles instilled his sense of discipline, calm coaching ability, and patience. He has the proven skills to successfully help dogs and their owners reach important milestones together. His use of quality principles and exemplary customer relation policies makes all the difference in the world.