Murphy Finds a Home

Murphy Finds a Home

Murphy Finds a Home

We here at Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit just love happy endings! It is our dream that every dog will have a home, and we enjoy helping to prepare dogs for adoption. One recent success story is Murphy’s story.

In May of 2013, Murphy found his forever home! He was adopted after meeting the perfect family, and they are a great match together.

Murphy and Ryan FamilyMurphy was thankfully found after being left to die in a cardboard box by the river in Harrisburg on a freezing night. After rescue and some urgent care, trainer Patrick Duff was notified and took Murphy in for training and rehabilitation. This important step for Murphy – getting professionally trained and taught things he had never known before – aided in saving his life and being ready for his new family.

Nancy Ryan, who is a radio professional with BOB94.9FM, first saw Murphy on a poster for an adoption event called “Honeyfest” in Carlisle that raises awareness about dog fighting and rescue. The event is sponsored and supported by Classic Drycleaners, BOB94.9FM, and the CPAA (Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance).

At the event, Nancy fell in love with Murphy after meeting him. She and her family are special people and Murphy is a special dog. Soon, she and husband Brad, daughter Hannasy, and their 2 dogs all went to Duffy’s Bed and Biscuit to see Murphy. This is just the beginning of a very happy ending.

In Nancy’s own words, “The next day we took our daughter Hannasy, and Buddy and Ruby, to meet Murphy. Our visit with Patrick was invaluable. We can’t emphasize enough how important good training is and understanding an animal of Murphy’s size and strength. Without the guidance and patience of a trainer like Patrick, the adoption might not have happened. After a number of visits, first just Hannasy and me, then Brad and our two Bostons, we felt confident that it would work. On May 25, Brad went for another visit and brought Murphy home to stay!

Now Murphy spends his days lying in a sunny spot in our kitchen, looking out the front window with Buddy and Ruby to say hello to the neighbors, enjoying walks around our block and playing with his favorite giant blue ball in the yard.

We can’t thank Zella Anderson and everyone at CPAA enough for saving Murphy and believing in him. We appreciated the thorough procedures put in place to assure that a safe and successful adoption happened. We know that Murphy has never lived in a home with a family around him, and he is absolutely soaking up the love every day! We will be attending many CPAA events and would love for you to come say hello to our Murphy Almighty!“

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